DKMS is an international nonprofit organization, founded 25 years ago in Germany by Dr. Peter Harf when he lost his wife Mechtild to leukemia. Peter promised her that he would help every blood cancer patient find a matching donor. At that time, there were only 3,000 potential stem cell donors available to provide a transplant in Germany and within one year of founding DKMS, the number of stem cell donors increased to 68,000. Today, DKMS has offices in Germany, the United States (opened 2004), Poland (2009), Spain (2011) and the UK (2013) and has registered over 6 million potential donors worldwide.


Developed from personal experience in the hospital, Resilience works with financially disadvantaged patients to design and produce a custom pair of socks. The therapeutic design process allows patients to bring personality and agency to their treatment. For each pair sold, we donate half of net proceeds back to the patient to help pay for their care. Our goal is to enrich patients' lives and reduce the burden of medical expenses. Beyond the tangible product, we're motivated by the idea that people have a unique opportunity for growth when at their most vulnerable. We help patients embrace the struggle to become stronger in body, stronger in mind, and stronger in spirit. We make Socks with Stories.

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