Kate Shea Foundation

The Kate Shea Foundation was founded by loving friends and family of Kate Shea in order to give back to the community she called home most summers of her short but fulfilling life. Kate was an inspiration to us all in the way she lived her life in an accepting and open-minded way. The proceeds from the Bay Head 5K will go to The Kate Shea Foundation to support its mission of providing funds to research organizations fighting cancers and youth education.

The Kate Shea Foundation has raised and over $300,000 for cancer research and education since it began in 2004.

“We appreciate your support in helping bring the Jersey Shore community together to raise awareness and provide funds to select cancer research organizations and financial assistance to further the cultural and academic educations of youths as they strive to understand and accept global diversity as a reality”
— Kate Shea Foundation Board of Directors

Kate Shea Foundation Board of Directors

Ed Vincent - Co-Founder/Board Member

Pat Tully - Co-Founder/Board Member

Ed Shea - Foundation Director/Board Member

Ray Shea - Board Member

Mike Farrell - Board Member

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